Umstand & Beton

Experimental Documentary

Release: tba

Directing, Editing, Protagonist: Kï Lane Schmutz     Sound: Willow Scharge

Costume: Locca Zeit     Kamera: Jan Klein, Camille Käse

Soundtrack: Milena Glowacka     Production: Pa Dares

Umstand & Beton (Concrete Circumstance) is an experimental documentary that dives deep into the structures of Berlin to look for body memories. I use the medium film to reconstruct the circumstances of my early childhood. This timeframe, the beginning of the ninetees, was for me coined by my father’s heroine addiction and his death at Kottbusser Tor.

Kotti is a multilayered hub of the city, where many different life realities meet. I set my personal story in relation to the social, political, and urban circumstances of the fall of the Berlin wall. The film illuminates different perspectives on the relationship of the human body to the space that surrounds it. Thereby, the focus lies on the conditions, in which body and space spawn each other. Understanding this context within a society enables an emphatic perspective free of judgement.
I analyse the impact of the circumstances on my body as a child and how these experiences became part of my body memory. I Use theatrical exercises and thereby connect with my mother in a new way. She has been clean for 27 years and invites us into her memories of her past. Through talking to (ex-)consumers we want to give insight into their individual stories. I am concerned with the aspirations Heroin promisses and their relation to society.

A special thank you to Lino Sanguino, Cia Weber, Sarnt Utamachote,
Sarah Kachiri, Carman Ho, Peggy Buth, Hannes Jung,
all crowdfunding supporters, Kulturförderung des Freistaates Sachsen