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Intervention, Experimental Documentary
Duration: 03:55 min

Directing, Filming, Editing, Protagonist: Kï Lane Schmutz



As a working class kid I was always fascinated by the residential blocks that surrounded most parts of my life. The architecture connects so many different lifes, fates, stories and ideologies. While mostly failing to provide space for community i experienced them as an isolating habitation format despite being surrounded by so many people.

This particular block has 17 floors with 13 flats each, makes 207 doors to at least one person. My aim was to meet all of them to break open the anonymity of the architecture and proove my inevitable prejudice wrong. As an excuse I gave away objects to trade them for something else, so for each object I would ask for something to trade and so on. I started with a book in my hands, rang a doorbell to exc­hange it for another object. In this way I continued for some weeks, until I changed the position of 73 objects within the building, spent a lot of time chatting over coffee and forming friends and enemies.

After the trade I photographed the object that I would take to the next door. As having access to peoples intimate spaces is a reflection of my privileges and how society reads me, I additionally filmed myself verbalizing fictive prejudices of people, when they saw me in front of their door for the first time.

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